Sprint will not fail Super Bowl XLIII, the network is ready for some Football

Em' Cowboys flopped and choked on its own dramas, I've been avoiding the playoffs but like millions others, I would definitely tune in on the day of the Super Bowl XLIII; not for the game, but the much-traditional ad campaigns. The event will be massive, and officials are estimating more 70,000 attendees from fans to media will be gathering at the Tampa Covention center. Though we wouldn't be there to cover the year most anticipate sport event, many sport media would, and they certainly don't want to experience any network clog like AT&T failed on CES 2009. Fortunate for them and the Sprint subscribers, the official wireless telecommunications service sponsor of the NFL is well prepared for the Super Bowl XLIII

Super Bowl to many is a major game day for sponsor, the regional vice president of Sprint network, Richard Blanc said "We're looking forward to our own game-day performance," The company has already got their game face on, bolstering its wireless and landline infrastructure to accommodate the anticipated data and voice traffics.

Many Network enhancements are already in place.

* 18 new cell sites in the Tampa area to enhance coverage in and around the stadium.

* Distributed Antenna System (DAS) in the stadium to enhance Sprint's wireless coverage and capacity and to enhance 3G data coverage and capacity for high-speed mobile broadband use.

* In-building coverage enhancements at area hotels.

* Three Cell Sites on Wheels (COWs) deployed near the stadium for additional coverage.

* One COW deployed in downtown Tampa, enhancing coverage for area events.

* Optimized and extended the NFL's existing nationwide Sprint Global MPLS enterprise network into Tampa for the Super Bowl.

* Implemented Sprint Dedicated Internet service to support the secure access and critical communication needs of the teams as they prepare for this event.

[via press release]