Sprint takes a gamble with a $50 unlimited plan

We all know Sprint has taken a few big hits recently and needs more than good ideas to pull out of its slump. These days it is a rare find to get an unlimited wireless plan from a major name in the mobile phone industry. Sprint has just managed to change that by offing a new unlimited $50 wireless plan – via Boost Mobile.

Such stiff competition can force other mobile providers to change their entire plan pricing in order to be competitive.  Boost Mobile is the Sprint brand that offers prepaid wireless services for those who cannot be tied down to a contract. Doing really well they had 3.9 million customers at the end of September. Last year Sprint offered unlimited calling options in the $100 range and it was a success, maybe not the huge serge that was expected, but it certainly did not fail.

Even though the prices for wireless contract options have stayed about the same, the prepaid market pricing has been steadily declining.  Boost Mobile plans to market this new price point very heavily and even reach out to those who currently have contract agreements. The $50 package includes unlimited, voice, text and wireless Internet access. Most contractual agreements do not offer text and Internet in the unlimited pricing, only minutes.  Below are charts outlining the monthly expenses and running totals for each plan price.