Sprint selling out? Or are they just selling off?

Rumors are abound on the internet right now, but word is that Sprint might be looking to sell off Nextel to stifle losses from its weakest performer. Several factors have caused Sprint to be forced into trying new tactics including offering up unlimited everything plans for as low as $99.

Doing such thing incites price wars and would drive profitability into the ground for everyone. As a result, there is word from Merill Lynch that Deutsche Telecom, the owners of such fine companies as T-Mobile, might try and buy out Sprint as whole in order to stop the price war from starting.

The reason for this is that as it stands now, T-Mobile seems to have the most to lose and Deutsche Telecom is the 6th largest carrier in the world making them one of the few companies that has the power, funds, and desires to do such a thing. You'd think with all the MVNO's running under Sprint that they'd be doing a lot better than they are, but I guess not.

[via PhoneMag]