Sprint Rumored to be Splitting Premier Program into Gold and Silver Levels

Changes are afoot for the major wireless carries in the United States. AT&T is changing their text messaging plans, Verizon is (finally) getting the iPhone, and Sprint has already made waves by adding a $10 premium cost to data fees, which is set to go into action on January 30th. But, it looks like Sprint is still changing things around, and now they're making some more waves with their Premier Program. Unfortunately, it's not looking good.

Right now, if you've been a valued Sprint customer, and you've got a single line that's $69.99 per month or more, then you're considered part of the Premiere Program. If you're on a family line, then you're monthly bill has to be $99.99 per month or more to fall into the category. But, it looks like Sprint is changing that, starting on April 1st. The wireless carrier will be separating the Premier Program into Gold and Silver levels. To be part of the Gold level, you'll need to have been a Sprint customer for 10 years or longer, and have an individual line that has a monthly bill of $89.99 or more. For families, you'll need a monthly bill of $139.99 or higher to qualify.

All other customers will be dropped into the Silver program.

As for those who remain in the Gold level, you'll still get the same treatment as you're receiving now: newsletters, 20 percent discounts on two or more accessories purchased at one time, and offers to buy new devices before anyone else. You'll also be able to continue to upgrade your device after only 12 months. As for the Silver members? They get all of the random benefits, like the newsletters and special offers, but they miss out on the early upgrade time. They'll have to wait the full 22 months to get a new device.

This isn't confirmed yet, but BGR has it on good word that this will be happening, come April Fool's Day. A coincidence that it happens to fall on that particular day? Perhaps. But, with the changes that Sprint has already made, it looks like the wireless carrier isn't worried about rustling the feathers of its customers.

[via BGR]