Sprint outs new Certified Pre-Owned wireless phone program

Shane McGlaun - Oct 12, 2010
Sprint outs new Certified Pre-Owned wireless phone program

If you are under a contract with Sprint and find your device isn’t working correctly out of warranty or just want a new handset Sprint has unveiled a new program that you may find very interesting. The program is called the Certified Pre-Owned Device Program and it lets users on a contract buy a new handset at a low regular price without having to commit to a new contract or affecting upgrade eligibility.

The handsets on the program are very limited, but Blackberry fans may like them. You can get the Tour for $79.99 and the Samsung Reclaim or Sanyo 2700 for $49.99. The devices are used, but they have been prepared for resale by authorized facilities and subjected to a 30-point inspection.

If you are new to Sprint, you can opt to use one of the pre-owned devices with a new contract. In this case, the Tour will cost $29.99 and the Reclaim or 2700 will be free with a new 2-year contract. The pre-owned devices are also eligible for the Sprint 30-day return policy. The handsets are returned to factory default settings and inspected cosmetically to be sure they look like new and the firmware is updated to the latest offering.

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