Sprint and T-Mobile Merger a Possibility Thanks to Logic, According to Dan Hesse

Right now, Sprint is sitting high with all of their 4G talk. They've got their first 4G phone out there in the wild, and they've got 4G popping up in cities all over the United States. And while at this very moment they're using the same technology that Clearwire is (WiMAX), apparently that's still not stopping them from thinking about transitioning to LTE (Long Term Evolution) some time in the future. On top of that, a T-Mobile merger apparently holds a lot of logic.

As it stands right now, according to Dan Hesse –the CEO of Sprint, Sprint (and Clearwire, by default) are sitting on so much 4G spectrum, that they could easily support LTE right alongside the current iteration of WiMAX they now utilize. With all of that extra spectrum just "lying around," talk about a T-Mobile merger have begun all over again, thanks to some analysts out there. Those rumors were intense back in 2008, but thanks to the fact that Sprint uses CDMA and T-Mobile goes the GSM path, the talks supposedly stalled (and dissolved entirely, it would seem).

However, if T-Mobile executives would be willing to transition to LTE, and if Sprint found themselves going the same route, then that would mean a merger between the two companies would just be logical. At least, that's what Dan Hesse believes. He would not expand on the idea, but we don't imagine he needs to at this moment, considering it's not happening any time (really) soon. It would be a good thing for both wireless carriers, as that would mean Sprint would get an extra 33 million customers, and T-Mobile would gain access to a whole swathe of 4G spectrum. A win-win situation, right? What do you think about a Sprint/T-Mobile merger?

[via PhoneScoop]