Spotify's remote working plan hints at our post-pandemic future

Many people are working from home as a way to slow the spread of the pandemic — and all signs point toward this change sticking around when the virus is no longer a concern. Spotify is one of the latest companies to announce that it will be giving its employees more freedom going forward, revealing that its workers will have the option of working from basically anywhere.

"Work isn't something our people come to the office for, it's something they do," Spotify said as part of its announcement. The company is embracing a Work From Anywhere (WFA) strategy that will allow employees to work from home or in the office whenever they'd like.

This new method will enable Spotify employees to work in the office when they feel like they need to get out of the house, also giving them the option to stay home and work when they're in the zone and don't want to be interrupted. This freedom extends to geographic location, meaning employees will no longer be tied to one particular place.

Spotify went on to explain, "Effectiveness can't be measured by the number of hours people spend in an office," noting that effectiveness increases when employees are given the freedom to decide where they can work best. What about the office space that will, presumably, be far emptier going forward?

The company says that it will be reevaluating its global office spaces with a focus on increasing 'sustainability, flexibility, and well-being' so that employees have the option to 'work comfortably and efficiently.' Ultimately, this gives employees the opportunity to work where they best get things done — whether that's in a loud coffee shop, at the office, or in their quiet home office.