Spotify US thrown open: no invite required (Update)

Music fans that want to try Spotify before they pay for a premium account and couldn't get an invite before will be glad to hear that anyone can get on Spotify now. The only caveat to the free access is that it lasts six months and you have to sign in with your Facebook account to access the site. The six months is unlimited listening and apparently, you have to upgrade to the premium account after that time to keep the tunes going.

Six months is plenty of time for you to decide if Spotify is worth the $4.99 or $9.99 month charge to keep things going. Spotify has an impressive collection of free tunes for you to listen to. I have had a free account for a while now and it has a lot of stuff I like, but it was missing several artists that are popular. I have yet to find all the music I like on any digital music service so that lack of artists isn't uncommon.

Facebook and Spotify announced this week at the f8 developers conference that they would be tying up. The result of the tie up between the music network and the social network will be links to songs in your news feed with the ability to listen. However, the music you hear on Facebook will be counted in the month's free service. Normally the free plan is only good for ten hours in a month making the unlimited listening with Facebook very welcome.

Update: Spotify contacted us to say that after the six months free, users will be able to keep the 10 hour monthly free plan.

[via Lifehacker]