Spotify 'Traffic Jams' shows artists creating music during LA rush hour

If you've ever been stuck in Los Angeles traffic, you know it can be a long while before you're finally free. A single trip from A to B can take well over an hour, and that's just enough time to create an entirely new piece of least if you're one of the artists featured on Spotify's new 'Traffic Jams' show. The show features two artists who have never worked together before meeting up in a car and creating a masterpiece before traffic starts moving.Traffic Jams will launch on April 4, and it comes from both Spotify and All Def Digital. The show will feature a team of two artists — one rapper and one producer — who are put into an SUV together and tasked with creating new songs while in rush hour traffic. The songs are created from scratch, and the two people paired together have no history of working with each other.

Don't worry, neither of the two artists will be driving the SUV during this creation process — that job will go to DoBoy "Fat Drake," who will also provide conversation through the show, helping elicit stories from the artists such as first-hand accounts of their careers, what inspires them, and more.

Sound exciting? Spotify says the first episode will feature Southside and T-Pain teaming up to create a new 'signature party anthem.' A new episode will debut every week under 'Spotify Original Videos.' Other artists and producers tapped to join the show haven't been announced at this time.

SOURCE: Spotify News