Spotify preps playlists for Thanksgiving festivities

The holidays are a lot of things for a lot of people: a time to get together with people you mightn't otherwise see often, to express gratitude, and, on the less serious level, to watch shows and partake in activities reserved specifically for this time of the year. To help you frame your Thanksgiving soundtrack are some curated playlists from Spotify, which intends to entertain you while your bird cooks. To be sure the playlist has enough songs for your time spent waiting, the service asks a few questions about your turkey to get you started.

"It's all about the baste," says Spotify, which has put up a simple page where you can input your parameters in exchange for a playlist that'll match your wait time. The first step is to select how much your turkey weighs, followed by whether you're stuffing it or not.

Spotify will estimate how long it'll take your bird to cook, and based on the category of music you choose in the second step (Club Kitchen, Feeling Thankful, and more) it'll provide you with a playlist. Of course, the playlists aren't full of songs that necessarily directly relate to Thanksgiving, but some revolve around themes of such, and cover a wide variety of artists.

Spotify bases its playlists on the USDA's timetable for bird roasting times based on weight and stuffing. The music service doesn't fail to point out that you should double-check that your turkey is finished before serving, however, saying, "No matter how hot the music, an undercooked turkey will kill the party."

SOURCE: Spotify