Spotify Premium users can now hide playlist songs they don't like

Spotify has rolled out a new feature designed specifically for its Premium customers, enabling them to hide songs from playlists. The feature is useful for users who want to enjoy the overall playlist, but who don't enjoy one or two titles that it contains, eliminating the need to recreate the playlist with most of the songs or to manually skip the track whenever it starts to play.

Spotify is free by default but only offers some features to free users. Those willing to pay for a Premium subscription, which costs $9.99/month for a standard individual plan and $14.99/month for a family plan, get access to other, more advanced features, including the ability to play specific tracks and to download them for offline access.

Spotify Premium enables users to play any song they want, save the music for times when they're offline, skip to the next track an unlimited number of times, and listen to music without any ad interruptions. As of now, users can also hide songs within existing playlists so that the tracks will not play when the playlist is running.

The feature is rolling out to Premium subscribers who use the service on an iOS or Android device starting today, April 16. You'll find the 'hide song' option within the context menu in the app, the same menu that can be used to unhide the track if you decide you want to hear the song.

This is a useful feature for Premium subscribers who mostly fire up a playlist and let the music play with minimal involvement from the user. The feature makes Premium a tiny bit more appealing than it was before, though the biggest features largely revolve around being able to play any song you want and skip as many tracks as you'd like.