Now Anyone And Everyone Can List Their Podcast On Spotify

With Spotify's success in the music streaming space pretty well on lockdown at the moment, the company has decided to turn its attention to podcasts. Spotify has revealed a new beta test that will allow essentially anyone to submit and subsequently list their podcast on the platform. The floodgates, in other words, have been opened.

This could be a smart move for Spotify, because as much as we use it for music streaming, it isn't heavily associated with podcasts. By opening up the platform to any and all podcast creators, it could become a one-stop podcast shop for many users, who can use the platform to listen to popular shows that are available everywhere and lesser-known ones that might only be available on a few different platforms.

As explained on the Spotify blog, all you need to do to have you podcast listed on the service is submit your feed. Once you've done that, your podcast will be added the heap, with Spotify saying that new episodes in active podcasts will be immediately added to the platform as they're uploaded to a host or aggregator.

Spotify will also offer up tools to all podcast creators using the service. With them, you'll be able to see metrics like daily listeners, engagement, demographics, and even location, so assuming your podcast can manage to stand out from the crowd on Spotify, you can gain some valuable insights on your listeners.

As this functionality is launching in beta, there might be a few hiccups as you gets your podcast listed on Spotify. We'll see if opening the doors to all podcasters will help Spotify grow its presence in the space, so stay tuned.