Spotify loves podcasts so much it could start helping users make them

If you haven't noticed by now, Spotify is really excited about podcasts. For quite some time now, Spotify has been offering podcasts alongside its vast music library, letting Premium users subscribe to their favorites and download episodes for offline listening. Spotify also allows pretty much anyone to list their podcasts, but it may soon take that one step further by offering easy access to tools to actually create a podcast.

Yes, it may not be long before you see Spotify prompting you to create your own podcast and get it uploaded for the world to listen to. Jane Manchun Wong, known for reverse engineering apps and sharing the secrets she finds while doing so, has discovered a "Create Postcast" button lurking within the app.

Sharing her findings on Twitter, Wong says that this button prompts users to download Anchor, an app that can be used to create podcasts using your phone. Wong notes that Spotify recently acquired Anchor, so it could soon be putting that acquisition to use by advertising its podcast-making capabilities to the millions of people using the Spotify app.

It doesn't come as much of a shock to hear that Spotify is looking to make it easier for its users to create podcasts. Spotify has been trying to make podcasts a core part of its strategy, and it's clear that when you're listening to something, be it music or a podcast, Spotify wants you to be using its app.

As is usually the case with discoveries like this, there's no indication of when this feature might roll out to users, if it does at all. Given that Spotify will want to leverage Anchor on as wide a scale as possible, though, it seems likely that we'll be seeing a "create podcast" button that points to the app nestled in Spotify's podcast tab soon enough.