Spotify 'Kids' section brings music, fairy tales, lullabies, and more

Spotify has a music category for just about everything, and that now includes a "Kids" section. The newly launched category is a shortcut way to find kid-friendly music, and it's broken down into specific age ranges for even more narrow results. The category includes music collected together into genres like "Family Road Trip," "Milk & Cookies," and "Kindie," as well as spoken content.

Just like Spotify offers categories for the work day, the Kids category includes music for common activities in a kid's day, depending on their age. For example, bedtime is a good time to fire up an audio playlist. The category also offers non-music audio, including a "Fairy Tales" playlist with a bunch of narrated classic fairy tales, including "Thumbelina," "The Leap Frog," "The Mermaid," and "The Snow Queen."

For younger kids, there are some playlists to encourage learning, too, such as the "Daily Routine: Sing & Learn" playlist. While most of the playlists appear to be for English content, there are also several Spanish playlists for Spanish-speaking families and kids whose parents want to expose them to Spanish for learning purposes.

Finally, some of the content in the playlists includes voiceovers with many notable people lending their voices, including Sarah Michelle Gellar, Tyler Perry, Wiz Khalifa, and more. The company is also working with some organizations like Carnegie Hall, which has a "Recommend Lullaby" playlist. You can check out the playlists for yourself in the new "Kids & Family" section.

SOURCE: TechCrunch