Spotify adds gapless playback and crossfade features

Spotify has been around for a while in the US now and in other countries for longer. The streaming music service has proven to be very popular and gives access to a wide variety of music. Spotify claims it's always on the lookout for ways to improve the music listening experience and land more users. It has announced two new features that users of the service will appreciate.

Spotify has announced today that it has added gapless playback and crossfade features. The gapless playback feature allows your playlist of tracks to flow seamlessly from one to the next without any silence in between. Spotify reckons this feature is perfect for classical music fans and live recordings. In fact, gapless playback will be on by default from now on. If you don't like it, you can turn it off in the preferences area.

The crossfade feature lets you play DJ all you want. With this feature, you can fade out one song can fade another song in, which could be nice if you're hosting a party and feel like playing DJ. The new features started rolling out today. You will know when your account gets the update with the feature because Spotify will ask you to restart.