Spot the differences between a real and a fake Galaxy S7

With the massive popularity of the Galaxy S7 smartphone, there are people and manufacturers out there that want to trick people into buying their fake junk phones by making the devices look almost identical to the Galaxy S7. These rip off artists go so far as to fabricate the packaging and the fakes are very convincing.

The good news is that there are ways to tell if the Galaxy S7 you are looking at is the real thing or a forgery. If the device you are looking at has the packaging, this is one of the first things you can look at to help determine if the device is a fake. The real Galaxy S7 box is one of the fancy hinged magnetic affairs as you can see in the video below. The fake Galaxy S7 has a standard box with a top half that pulls off the bottom.

If the packaging is missing, another tip off that the device isn't kosher is screen brightness. This might be hard to determine if you don't have a real Galaxy S7 with you to compare, but the forgery in the video has a screen that is much dimmer than the real thing. You can also note that the forgery is missing the Samsung marking beneath the earpiece and has markings on the left and right of the home button for back and opening running apps.

On the bottom of the device where the SIM card slit is located is another give away, the gap on the real device is very tight and almost seems to be one piece. The gaps are much wider and cruder on the fake. On the back of the devices, the real S7 has writing on the bottom where the fake one doesn't. Note that both of the devices have the Samsung logo on the back. Check out the video to see more about telling if the device is real or fake.