Spore expansion packs coming from EA

There was a listing on an online retailer recently that showed a Spore expansion pack, then was quickly removed. This set off a bunch of rumors about what this expansion could possibly be, but now EA is confirming it: two new expansion packs for Spore are to be released in the semi-near future. 


First up, there is the Cute & Creepy Parts Pack. This expansion features an additional 100 body parts for players to use to further customize their creatures. As the title suggests, there will be simply adorable parts and revolting ones as well. This expansion will cost $20 and is set to be released on November 18th.

A second expansion is set for release during the Spring of 2009. We don't know the name or the cost of it yet, but it is rumored to feature add-ons for the Space segment of the game experience and is said to be more substantial.

[via Game Life at Wired]