Splashpower Belly Up - Another Great Possibility Gone

Splashpower, one of the many companies striving to bring us all wireless charging in our gadgets, has sadly had to end its run. It never even really produced an actual product, but they did do a lot of research and development which hopefully someone will pick up the pieces from.

They did actually sort of have a couple products, although I never saw them, they were two different pads that required a special attachment for the device that you wished to charge and then the device had to be set directly on the pad in order to charge. So basically it wasn't any more convenient than saving yourself some money and plugging it in the good old fashioned way.

Honestly with Splashpower, WildCharge, eCoupled, and the countless other startups like it I saw at CES and MacWorld its really not much of a surprise that at least one of them ended poorly, I am sure there are more to fall until one of them comes up with an actually revolutionary solution that the others can copy. Until then ladies and gentleman, I'll continue using way more power strips than is healthy in order to charge all my gadgets.

[via Engadget]