Spike TV confirms live Nintendo press conference broadcast

Nintendo will allow Spike TV's cameras into its E3 press conference next month. The cable network has confirmed that it will carry the presentation, in its entirety with no commercial interruption on June 5 at 12:00 PM Eastern Time. MTV2 will simulcast the event. Spike and MTV2 join G4 in tapping into what could be the largest television audience for the E3 press conference circuit to date. Nintendo will arguably the most anticipated because of the Wii U.

Sony and Microsoft are both expected to reveal no new hardware, and will instead introduce new online services and first-party games that will try to convince gamers that even though the systems are well past the half-decade-old point, they're still as relevant and exciting as ever. For Nintendo, though, the Wii U is expected to get a slight overhaul in terms of appearance and functionality, and we'll finally hear what to anticipate when the device comes to market.

It's also possible Nintendo will unveil a new name for the device. We're also hoping to see some major game announcements for the 3DS, as well as what to expect from the Wii moving forward. Nintendo's show will happen at the Nokia Theatre and of course SlashGear will provide live on-scene coverage.