Spider Pill may replace endoscope for colonoscopy procedures

I have never had the displeasure of having to get a lower GI procedure where the doctor knocks you out and then rams a long camera up your bum to get a look at your nether regions. The procedure is uncomfortable and invasive for those who need it, but it is key to diagnosing colon cancer and other intestinal maladies.BBC News reports that a new high tech device dubbed the spider pill may replace the long camera for this procedure making it more comfortable and easier to perform. The Spider Pill would be swallowed by the user and the doctors could then control the camera-equipped device remotely.

I wonder if it can plug into your optic nerve and see what you see — probably not. The protrusions you see around the outside of the device are the legs that propel the camera through your intestine. Presumably, after the trek is over, the cam drops out the bum. I would hate to think these things were reusable.