Specs for Wii U Leak

We have already talked a lot about the Wii U and today some new details have surfaced. The rumored specs for the console have now surfaced reports Toms Guide. The rumors are claiming that the new Nintendo consoles will have a 45nm PowerPC-based 3GHz processor that packs in quad cores. According to the source of the leaked details the processor is similar to the one used in the Xbox 360.

Other rumors for specs include that the console will get 768MB of DRAM embedded with the CPU, which seems unlikely given the cost of embedded DRAM. More likely would be 768MB of RAM along with a more conventional amount of eDRAM on the die. The rumor says that suspect 768MB of eDRAM is shared between the CPU and GPU.

The GPU is said to be a 40nm AMD unit. That would give the Wii U some serious power. The new console will support HD graphics and the coolest thing to me is the controllers with their own touchscreens embedded. We still have no concrete details on when the console might ship. The last we heard a rumor on launch date the hardware wasn't supposed to be final until summer 2012.

[via Toms Guide]