Special glove lets you play rock, paper, scissors with yourself

One geek with lots of time, a fetish for rock, paper, scissors, and apparently no friends to play with has developed a glove that plays rock, paper, and scissors with you. This might be the perfect glove for making up your mind if you have mixed feelings about some decision or if you just don't have any friends.

The glove uses some cool tech to actually learn your style of play and try to beat you rather than throwing out random objects. If you are inclined to build your own version of the glove, there are full instructions on the builder's website.

The thing is built using a glove, 9V battery, Arduino Pro mini 3.3V 8MHZ processor, and accelerometer, LEDs, and a number of other things. You can get the code needed to make the glove work from the builder's site too.

[Via CrunchGear]