Special editions of Batman: Arkham City pack in unique content

One of the games that many gamers are looking forward to that is set to land soon is Batman: Arkham City. There are going to be several special editions of the game that will pack in extras for fans wanting more than just the regular game. We can also expect like many other games that the pre-orders for the title due October 21 will come with various freebies at different retailers.

In the UK, Tesco has announced that it will be offering a very interesting bonus for those that pre-order the game with it. The UK version pre-ordered from Tesco will also get the buyer four hours of exclusive content to check out. The special edition of the game is only from Tesco and is called the Joker Steelbook Edition. There are four more hours of game play in this version of the game.

The special content includes a map called Joker's Carnival Challenge Map. The special version will be offered for the Xbox 360 and PS3 covering the major gaming systems on the market. The special version of the game sells for £39.70 and will be shipped to get to gamers on the day of launch. I wonder if this extra content will be offered in the US via another game retailer.