Special Edition Pebble Time Round lands for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is right around the corner and if your mom likes gadgets, Pebble has a special edition smartwatch for you to give her. The Pebble Time Round Special Edition is available today and comes in rose gold and silver colors. Both of the special versions have a coordinating double-wrap leather band. Apparently that means the band goes around the wrist twice. Fancy.

The Rose gold and Black special edition sells for $229.98 with free shipping. The silver with Haze colored double wrap leather band versions is the same price. Haze appears to be a cream-colored band. If you are unfamiliar with the Pebble Time Round smartwatch, it has a round face as the name suggests. Inside the slim case is an always-on color e-paper display with LED backlight.

One of the big features of Pebble watches has always been the battery life. The Time Round is good for up to two days of use on a charge. The watch measures 38.5mm x 38.5mm x 7.5mm and works with 14mm or 20mm bands. The smartwatch does all the smartwatchy things you expect like support voice replies and customizable displays along with sending notifications to your wrist.

That means mom won't need to dig her purse out of her bag when you text to see what she is cooking for dinner. The Time round is water resistant with IPX7 standards and the screen is covered with 2.5D Gorilla glass to prevent scratches and cracks. The watch has vibrating alerts and alarms and can track steps, activity and sleep patterns. The watch supports iPhone 4S and higher and devices running iOS 8 and higher and Android devices using Android 4.3 or higher.

SOURCE: Pebble