SpeakerCraft BoomTomb Announced, Gets Buried Underground

Inside your home, there's a chance you've got a nice sound system set up, where you can enjoy your movies in glorious surround sound. Or at least a reasonable decibel level. And, with plenty of options out there where you can make your out-door speakers look like rocks, you can enjoy the same sound while you're enjoying your time out in the sun. SpeakerCraft wants to make sure that you get the full effect, and have created the aptly-named BoomTomb, which is the company's answer to the outdoor subwoofer.

SpeakerCraft intends you to use the new BoomTomb subwoofer with their other outdoor speakers, like the Ruckus and OG series speakers. The subwoofer features an integrated 250 watt amp, and as the title suggests, you literally bury the majority of the 'woofer into the ground. Once you bury the main unit, and leave only the port exposed, you'll get the bass effect in no time.

The press release, which you can read below, says that the BoomTomb will start shipping some time in the fourth quarter 2010, but it doesn't divulge just how much this new outdoor subwoofer will cost. With the fourth quarter creeping up on us, it probably won't be long before a price shows up somewhere, so if you're interested, keep your eyes peeled.

Press Release

New Subwoofer Goes "Deep" SpeakerCraft introduces the BoomTomb

RIVERSIDE, CA: September 21, 2010 SpeakerCraft, America's original manufacturer of in-wall speakers announced a new outdoor subwoofer to compliment its Outdoor Elements, Ruckus and OG series speakers. It has been appropriately named the BoomTomb because of the fact that the majority of the enclosure is buried underground with only a small, hooded port exposed above the surface.

"Outdoor audio continues to be a huge category for us" commented Dave Donald, SpeakerCraft's V.P. of Marketing. "Adding critical low end reinforcement to our already broad assortment of exterior loudspeakers is a natural progression and a benefit to dealers who are always looking for ways to improve sound quality outdoors."

The BoomTomb consists of a poly/resin enclosure that houses a ten-inch long throw woofer mounted in a support that is in the center of the internal space. Sound is then vented through a port that extends through the top of the enclosure. The port is the only visible part of the speaker once it is installed. A hood covers the top of the port to protect the internal workings

from water and debris. The woofer is powered by a dedicated 250 watt amplifier that is designed to be placed with the source equipment and attached via standard speaker cable.

The BoomTomb will ship in the fourth quarter. Pricing is still to be determined.

SpeakerCraft, established in 1976, devoted itself for more than a decade to the design and development of architectural loudspeakers and became known as the prime OEM for many well-known, in-wall speaker brands in the field. In marketing its own brand, now one of the

widest lines of architectural speakers and electronics in the industry, SpeakerCraft brings with it years of experience and a dedication to dealer satisfaction.