Speakal iPanda iPod docking station announced

Much like the iPig announced earlier this year, the iPanda has just been announced from Speakal and is another cutesy iPod docking station for all of your music listening needs. The great thing about this stocky little guy though is that it really puts out the sound.

In fact, the iPanda features 5 speakers which can offer up to 25 watts of sound that creates at 360-degree affect. With Adjustable Bass Control and Bass Reflex Technology, you're sure to get the sound quality you want. Plus, this thing is compatible with all sorts of devices. It includes various cradles to ensure you get the fit you need.

It also has a 3.5mm input jack. The ears act as the volume control and the rubber feet ensure rattling is kept to a minimum. The mouth lights up when the unit is on, as well. A remote is included. You can get the Speakal iPanda now for $139.99.