Spazzi dancebot busts a move

Generally, the robots we see around these parts are larger things that are quite bulky. They do typically move in one way or another with remote controls and such generally. A little dance bot called Spazzi has landed on Make with the directions for you to build your own if you are so inclined. The little bot is tiny and has no arms or legs. Spazzi's entire point of being is to dance to the beat of your music.

He doesn't turn or move around. He simply bounces up and down and nods his head to the beat. His little plastic cranium and other body parts are printed using a 3D printer called the Thing-O-Matic. The bot uses three little solenoids to move the head. The builder notes if you don't have a 3D printer you can just use cardboard or something else. I bet you could carve a nice likeness from a foam block.

The bot is controlled by an Arduino Uno device with three transistors and a few other parts added to the board. The hair on the bots head is made from cut wire ties. The build instructions even have the software you need for your little bots so they can dance when you hit keys on a keyboard. The project is cool and the robots are very cute. Check out the video to see them bob to the beat to some sort of techno. The builder missed a prime opportunity to break out some Young MC.

[via Make]