Spark Internet Button lets you interact with the Internet of Things

The internet of things is growing rapidly and is a sort of hidden network that all sorts of devices from your car to your refrigerator can use to communicate with each other. A company called has unveiled a product that allows people to interact with the internet of things and it's called the Spark Internet Button.

The button connects to IFTTT, which means if this, then that. IFTTT is a separate company where users can create simple recipes on the IFTTT website that are trigged when the button is pressed. also announced that it has its own IFTTT channel.

There are over 160 of these channels and some are from massive companies like ESPN, Facebook, and more. The Spark Internet button sells for $50 and has four smaller buttons on the bottom. On the top of the button, there is a Photon WiFi module. It also has a three-axis accelerometer inside.

Users can press on one side of the Spark button to activate one of the four buttons on the bottom side of the device and the user can control the button assignment. The actions can do whatever you think up from sending a text when you press one of the buttons to calling a cab to the location when pressed, or turning on devices in a smart home with a press. The Spark internet Button can be pre-ordered now and shipment is expected to begin in March.

SOURCE: Venturebeat