Space Jam: A New Legacy promotion offers up thousands of flashy NFTs

Space Jam: A New Legacy, a sequel to the original 1996 movie made for the next generation of fans, will arrive in theaters and on HBO Max starting later this week. Among the promotions for the movie are tens of thousands of NFTs in the style of old-school lenticular sports cards. Though some of the NFTs are already sold out, many others remain available.

The new NFTs are presented as "Special Edition Digital Collectibles." The items are essentially the digital version of the Space Jam-themed cards you may have purchased back in the '90s, though you won't have to go to the store to grab a pack and you won't have to worry about accidentally creasing their edges when showing them off.

The NFTs are available through Nifty's, which lists that there will be a "whole squad" to collect. At this time, the platform's promotional page shows only Bugs Bunny cards in Common to Legendary rarities, with 10 "legendary" cards available ranging all the way up to 3,000 "Common" cards. All of the cards feature the same Space Jam logo and Bugs Bunny pose, but with different backgrounds and flashiness depending on rarity.

The Nifty event was likewise offering free NFTs when users created an account and when they shared the page, but those digital cards are already sold out. Likewise, an NFT called "Run Up The Score" that was offered for $2.99 is also sold out. You can, however, head over to the full Space Jam NFT page to see the other card designs that'll be offered.

A total of 91,000 NFTs are offered up for grabs, representing the largest batch of movie-themed digital collectibles to date. Unlike many other NFTs, these ones aren't offered up at auction; instead, you'll pay $2.99/unit to get your own collectibles. In a press release, Nifty's explained that each $2.99 purchase will result in a randomly assigned NFT from the collection, meaning you could get any character or rarity.