Space history being auctioned off by RR Auction

The glory days of the US space program were in the 60's when the nation was focused on the moon and beyond. If you are a space fan or just like to collect cool memorabilia there is an auction going on with RR Auction that is selling off some cool space related items.

The coolest of the items in my book is the sweet mini flag pictured here. This flag went with Apollo 11 to the moon and is on a card that is autographed by the astronauts on the mission including Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins.

Armstrong autographed the flag card to Rooster Andrews, who apparently owned a sports shop in Texas. There are all sorts of other items in the auction too from playboy centerfold pics to the headset that was used to talk to the astronauts on the moon. You can even pick up some freeze dried food.

Via TG Daily