Soylent 1.6 powder released with recipe similar to '2.0' drink

Soylent took a big turn with its previously released 2.0 formula, which is premixed and shipped in bottles as a liquid. Those who wanted the powder version had to stick with the older 1.5 formula, which isn't terrible but isn't as great as the 2.0. That changed a bit recently, with Soylent announcing the launch of its new 1.6 powder recipe, something it says is more akin to what buyers get with the premixed 2.0 liquid.

The 1.6 Powder, as with the previous 1.5, ships in bags. Users mix a batch as desired and leave the rest on the shelf, making it more convenient to tote around from one place to another in large quantities. The biggest upside, though, is the lesser amount of waste associated with getting the bags versus dozens of bottles; the price is lower as well, though that seems to be a lesser matter in most Soylent drinkers' eyes.

Says Soylent, the new version features 45-percent lipids, 35-percent low-glycemic carbs, and 20-percent protein. This is the first powder version of Soylent that uses whole algal flour and high oleic algal oil, as well; these are found in the 2.0 drink version and were one of the catalysts for Soylent launching a liquid version. The ingredients are said to be more sustainable than previously used ingredients.

Finally (as far as ingredients are concerned), Soylent has replaced the rice protein with soy protein isolate as its primary source of protein. Overall, the powder is touted as offering a more pleasant 'sensory' experience; early reviews cropping up on Reddit claim it has a consistency akin to the drink, and eliminates most of the grittiness you get with the 1.5 version.

The 1.6 powder starts at $54 USD on Soylent's website.