South Korea debates video game addiction

South Korea is facing what it calls a video game addiction problem, something that has caused incidents, some more tragic than others. Aiming to address it is the Game Addiction Law, the subject of which was at the center of a recent debate called "Video Games: Addiction or Art?"

The debate was hosted by the Democratic Party of Korea, where representatives from the gaming industry, from the government, and professors collectively debated the issue of game addiction. At the heart of the matter is whether the Game Addiction Law is the best way to handle the issue.

As you might imagine, parenting was given a strong focus, being called one of the biggest causes (and, therefore, solutions) to issues with gaming addiction. Video games, among other things, are used as a stress outlet for kids who feel too pressured, it was argued.

For the most part, gaming was favored and it was argued that treating video games like an addictive substance would be an excessive reaction to the problem. Said the Game Developers Association's Jong-Duk Kim in part, "[Video games] have the right to freedom of expression as a legally published medium, whether art or not," taking a jab at the debate's title.