Sources: Google tried to nab a veggie burger biz

Veggie burgers have a poor reputation, but it is largely undeserved at this point, as the quality of such meat-imitation creations have improved drastically over the years. Veggie burgers also are increasingly looking like the future, as those with concerns about the viability and impact of factory farming have become more vocal. Google, at least if sources are correct, recognizes that approaching future and recently made a business move that would have given the company a part in it.

The information comes from, appropriately enough, The Information, which reports that Google put a bid in for the company Impossible Foods, maker of the burger you see above. The burger looks, upon first glance, like an ordinary round of cooked beef, but is in fact made from plants — aka, a veggie burger.

Google reportedly tried to grab the company behind the burger, with a pair of sources claiming it offered a figure between $200 million and $300 million for the business. The bid didn't prove successful, however, with one source saying Impossible Foods was eyeing a higher figure.

Sustainable food is an important part of our future, and though Google didn't end up getting the company, it hints at one aspect of the company's focus — and it is reasonable to assume that we might be seeing similar future business moves from the company. Whether the attempted acquisition was a talent grab wasn't stated.

Via: Business Insider