Sources confirm Samsung Galaxy S IV announcement for March 14

HTC is set to make a new announcement today of its new HTC One smartphone. Sources are now reporting that Samsung is set to steal some of HTC's thunder with an announcement in the next few weeks of a new flagship smartphone. According to sources, the Samsung Galaxy S IV will "definitely" be announced on March 14.

The Verge reports that it has confirmed with sources that are familiar with Samsung's plan that March 14 will be the day that the new flagship device is unveiled. Samsung has had incredible success with the Galaxy S III selling in huge numbers all around the world. The popularity of the S III helped Samsung capture market share from Apple all around the world.

The unveiling of the Galaxy S IV is rumored to be tied to an event that will be held in New York City. This event is tipped to be for the unveiling of one or more new devices with one expected to be the new S IV. One thing that remains unclear is whether or not carrier availability will be announced at the rumored March 14 event.

While no hard facts or specifications were offered by the sources, the sources did say that Samsung would emphasize features over raw specifications. The sources say that the leap in cool features from the S III to the S IV will be bigger than the leap and features between the S II and the S III. Samsung will have a lot of smartphone fans waiting in anticipation for the announcement of its new flagship device.

[via The Verge]