Sources Claim Apple Is At Work On Cheaper 8GB iPhone 4

According to Reuters, the Asian suppliers to Apple are gearing up to begin production of a new and cheaper iPhone 4 smartphone. The new smartphone can reportedly be sold for less money because it will use 8GB of storage. That storage chip is supposedly being made by a Korean firm. While flash storage and Korea immediately brings Samsung to mind, neither Apple nor Samsung have commented.

Currently the flash storage in the iPhone comes from Samsung and Toshiba. Right now, the 16GB iPhone 4 is the smallest version of the device. Along with the tips about the cheaper iPhone 4 also comes more talk about the iPhone 5 launching in September. The iPhone 5 reportedly has a larger screen, 8MP camera and a better antenna according to the sources.

The iPhone 5 is reportedly being made by Hon Hai and Pegatron with 45 million units expected to be produced between the two. Some think that even an 8GB iPhone 4 will not be able to be sold at a low enough price to work in the emerging markets around the world.

[via Reuters]