Source says Apple is aggressively recruiting former Google Maps staff

Apple has been catching a lot of flak over the quality of its maps for iOS 6. Apple replaced Google Maps data in the latest version of its operating system with its own maps. According to a source cited by TechCrunch, Apple has been aggressively recruiting people with experience working on Google Maps.

Apple is reportedly aggressively recruiting these people to get them to come work on its own mapping product. Apple is using recruiters to lure away Google Maps employees who work for the search giant on contract. The source says that many of those individuals appearing eager to take Apple up on its offer in part for the opportunity to build a new product rather than perform "tedious updates" on the mostly completed Google Maps.

I'm sure the allure of working for one of the most valuable companies in the world, and a behemoth in the tech industry doesn't hurt. According to the source, when attention at Google Maps turned to indoor mapping, workers at Google were less interested, and a lot of the staff began looking for other opportunities.

Apple is said to be offering great competitive salaries, and some positions include full coverage of moving expenses to come to Cupertino. If Apple is successful in landing multiple ex Google employees, it will certainly help to improve its currently lackluster map offering. I wonder how Google feels about Apple hiring away workers familiar with its Google Maps application.

[via TechCrunch]