Soundlazer Snap speaker beams directional audio at your head

A regular speaker is something that we can all understand, you connect it to a smartphone or stereo system, and you can hear the music all over a room or home. A parametric speaker is something altogether different, it produces sound, but that sound is focused akin to a laser beam. That means the sound can only be heard by a single person with others standing on either side of the beam hearing little sound or nothing at all.

A slick DIY parametric speaker kit has turned up on Kickstarter called the Soundlazer Snap designed to be cheap to purchase and easy to tinker with. It lacks digital signal processors and fancy casing in an effort to make the speaker cheaper to own. The device is designed for tinkerers and hackers to modify the system to suit their needs.

Users can do all sorts of things with the speakers including modifying the firmware to shape the sound any way you want. Soundlazer Snap can be had as a barebones snap together frame or in a red aluminum case.

The project is seeking $25,000 on Kickstarter and has raised over $33,000 at the time of writing with 50 days to go. A tested and ready to use Soundlazer Snap will cost $149 with shipping estimated to begin in February 2015.

SOURCE: Kickstarter