SoundCloud introduces 'Collection', a customizable landing page

In amove designed to engage users and become more contextual, SoundCloud is rolling out 'Collection'. The new feature will make a home right on your SoundCloud landing page, and allow you to build your own list of tracks and get the latest from your "favorite creators". Your favorite tracks will play int he order they're listed, or you can choose to shuffle them for a random play. On a positive note, SoundCloud Collection will make it easier to find and save music you really like.

The downside? It's web and iOS only for now. SoundCloud says Collection is coming to Android in 2015, but have yet to offer up when that might be.

Collection makes SoundCloud a much more approachable place to find music, and splinters it from the hosting service it's morphed into. Various creators host music on SoundCloud, but post the stream elsewhere.

That's handy, but not terribly monetizable, which is likely SoundCloud's goal. By giving you a landing page you'll like, they will keep you coming back, and keep you engaged on their service. From there, other options await SoundCloud.

The current iteration of Collection is pretty plain, so don't expect too much from it as of yet.

Source: SoundCloud