Sound Torch: a speaker that is literally on fire

There are speakers on the market that show light patterns adjusted to your music, but the Sound Torch is different — it produces fire. Real fire. The Sound Torch is a small cube-shaped Bluetooth speaker with a grille on the top through which flames dance in sync with whatever audio the speaker is currently pumping. The speaker itself is powered from an internal battery, and the flames are gas-fueled, making for an altogether atmospheric cube. And, yes, there are some safety features to keep the party from burning down.

As far as speakers go, the Sound Torch is relatively simple: it runs on a rechargeable battery, has a cube shape, and connects to mobile devices over Bluetooth. The design is done in such a way that the sound waves influence the gas flow and, thusly, the flames it produces, making it seem the fire is dancing to the music.

Up to seven Sound Torch speakers can be connected to a device. The speaker itself will run for 12 hours off the internal battery, while the reservoir holds enough lighter fluid for the flame to last 4 hours. There's a related app for controlling the speaker, which will be available for both Android and for iOS.

The creator behind Sound Torch is seeking funding on Kickstarter, where $30,086 USD is being sought with a little more than half of that having been raised so far. There are 25 days left in the campaign, during which one can get the speaker as an early bird unit for a pledge of $158 USD. Shipping is estimated to start next December.

SOURCE: Kickstarter