SOUL launches Party in a Box P910 wireless speaker system

Craig Lloyd - Jan 24, 2013
SOUL launches Party in a Box P910 wireless speaker system

There’s definitely no shortage of portable wireless speakers nowadays. We definitely saw a bunch of them at CES a couple weeks ago, and we’re continuing to see them as time goes on. However, while the speaker market is getting relatively saturated, there are still a few solutions that stand out from the crowd, the P910 “Party in a Box” being one of them.

While the P910 might look like a typical speaker system, the company assures us that it’s not. SOUL claims that the PIAB P910 is the first speaker to sport different functions that’s rolled into one package — it’s an indoor/outdoor portable sound system with Bluetooth, auxiliary input, an Apple dock, and HDMI.

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 3.03.24 PM

The box has eight omnidirectional speakers, including two 6.5-inch subwoofers, two 3-inch midrange speakers, and four 1-inch tweeters. Furthermore, the box has a built-in Tri-Band two-way transceiver that allows syncing between up to eight other speakers either through Bluetooth or the 3.5mm auxiliary input.

Essentially, the PIAB P910 can act as a boombox, a PA system, or even a Karaoke machine thanks to its microphone input. Of course, though, versatility and excellent sound quality will cost you big time — SOUL is selling the PIAB P910 for $999 on their website, but if you’ve been looking for a portable, multi-functional speaker system, it may very well be worth the cash.

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