Sorry US OnePlus fans: No base model 9 Pro for you

The OnePlus 9 Pro has been available in the US in some configurations for several months now, but those of you holding out for the base model to make its way Stateside should probably abandon hope. Though OnePlus has indicated in the past that it would bring the base model – which offers 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage – to the US, the company has now confirmed that it won't be releasing that model here after all.

OnePlus confirmed these new plans in a statement to Android Police, blaming supply constraints for the fact that the base model won't launch here. "The OnePlus 9 Pro 8x128 GB variant was originally set to be sold in North America for $969," OnePlus said in its statement.

"Unfortunately, due to unforeseen supply constraints specific to North American devices, we recently concluded it is no longer possible to bring this configuration to the United States and Canada. In North America we are prioritizing the 12x256 GB version to ensure our users have access to the highest spec device."

Importantly, this leaves US consumers without a sub-$1000 OnePlus 9 Pro option. The least expensive model is the one that comes with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, but that runs $1,069. That model has been available in the US since the start, so if you were holding off on that while waiting to see if the 8GB/128GB one would be making its way to the US, it's safe to take the plunge now.

It isn't surprising to hear that OnePlus is grappling with supply issues because every other consumer technology company is experiencing the same thing. From GPUs to game consoles to laptops, new hardware is hard to come by for now, so it's certainly easy to believe that OnePlus is having problems securing parts. However, with no sign of the parts shortage easing up, it's probably too much to hope for a reversal on this front from OnePlus as well.