Sony's OLED TVs Could Be MIA Until 2010

Sony is known to get overly excited about their products, but that shouldn't be surprising. If you can't be excited about your own products, you probably shouldn't waste the consumer's time. But when it comes to their projections for their OLED televisions, executives may have been a bit over their head when they projected the future sets would be symbols of the company's technological comeback. A recent report says that Sony is setting the plans for a 2010 launch, and that may be exactly what they need.

Sources close to the matter are saying that a launch of any size of OLED tv at this point, would only add stress to Sony's television line and propel further losses. As it should be, Sony is far more concerned with profitability, than to bring expensive equipment to the market just for the consumers. While it may not be good in the short run, we can at least say that if Sony stays on this track, they won't be going anywhere due to lack of funds because they were producing too many expensive things when they didn't necessarily have the means to.

Of course, when compared to the 11-inch display released back in 2007 for a staggering $2,500, it might be a great idea on Sony's part. While the technology was relatively new, especially for displays like televisions two years ago, Sony isn't necessarily known for keeping prices low on their products. That doesn't mean any new OLED screens that Sony produces next year will be astronimically priced, but before we find out, at least the delay means that Sony can focus on competing in retail stores, and improving their LCD screens already on the market. That sounds like a win-win for all of us.

[via Wall Street Journal]