Sony's latest Green efforts turn out horrible

Check out this camera, tell me it doesn't look like a potted Wiimote with a donut on the end. This camera doesn't have a flash, and LCD, or if I had to guess any modes other than the standard one.

And the picture quality, it has to be horrendous, but that's not even the worst part, you have to work to take a photo. I thought my battery powered digital camera's shutter speed was horrendous; imagine how long it would take you to take a second photo when you have to spin that donut looking thing for about 15 seconds.

The upside is you don't have to spin it with just your hands, you can pick it up and run it along a flat surface to wind it up, and you have to do that every time you take a photo. Furthermore, it will probably cost a fortune when this thing is released. So you have to pay more for a crappy camera to save the Earth, personally, I'm kind of beginning to like the randomness of the seasons, I'll keep using my gadgets and electronics just the way I do.

Sony debuts wind-up camera [via coolest-gadgets]