Sony's Blue-Violet Laser Will Bring 20x More Capacity Than Blu-ray

You didn't think Blu-ray would get left behind in the transition to new, upgraded things, did you? No? Good. Because Sony's already hard at work on the next laser that's going to make the future of Blu-ray (or maybe Violet-ray). Working in conjunction with the Tohoku University, the blue-violet laser is designed to fire ultra-fast bursts of remarkably thin light.

Getting down into the details, the wavelength measures in at only 405 nanometers, which then pulsates for only 3 picoseconds. As for the light output of the new blue-violet laser, that would be over 100x that of a normal laser. The results would be something like 20x more capacity than the standard Blu-ray disc now. That equals to be about 50 movies on one disc. Right now, the laser is just in testing, and there's no definitive word on when this will make it out into the real world.

[via The Examiner]