Sony Xperia Z2 on Verizon? Not going to happen

Sony made waves recently, posting an image to their Google+ page (seen below) showing an Xperia Z2, branded with a Verizon logo. An Xperia Z2 with Verizon would give Sony a much needed inroad to the US market, but it just isn't happening. Sony has yanked the picture, and issued a response about the whole kerfuffle.

In removing the image, Sony apologized for any "confusion" seeing a widely desired device from a top-tier OEM may have caused. They went on to say the device will be available in the US later this summer, but only unlocked. It will also likely be limited to Sony's online portal.

Is this lazy PR, or Sony working on something more? Though they shun the US market, focussing on Europe instead, Sony Mobile would be wise to swallow their pride a bit and get involved with a market that can withstand their premium pricing. Carrier subsidies would likely move a lot more units than an unlocked device at full price, available online, and unavailable for viewing physically in a store.

Typically one of the better Android handsets available, Sony has done a poor job of bringing their Xperia devices stateside. It's a bit odd they'd ignore one of the biggest smartphone markets, but that's their prerogative. We'd love to see the Z2 stateside, and Verizon would have been a great partner for Sony, but it doesn't look as though it's going to happen.

Via: Android Central