Sony XAV-W1 entertainment system for your auto

It's a double-din unit with an optical drive and 7" WXGA touchscreen. It will play CDs, DVDs, and SACDs.

The unit can also out put in 5.1 surround and supports Dolby Digital surround and DTS digital surround processing. You can view JPEGs, DivX videos, and play WMAs and MP3s.

You can connect MP3 players and other personal media players as well as handheld gaming machines and video cameras. There is even and option to attach a rear back up camera. You can also divvy up your car into at least a couple different audio zones and either play different music in each of them, or play the same music through all of them.

You can customize the background of the unit with a picture if you want too. Other features include a remote, DRIVE-S II which helps prevent interference from vibrations, and a feature that allows you to plug in a karaoke mic and sing along.

Sony launches XAV-W1 in car entertainment unit [via]