Sony XAV-601BT MirrorLink car system now available

Back at CES, smartphone and car audio manufacturers wanted both devices to work seamlessly using the new MirrorLink system. Your smartphone would connect to a car stereo unit via a USB cable, and after that you could send the phone's content to the system with relative ease. Sony has today announced that the XAV-601BT, the first MirrorLink compatible system, is now available.

Compatible smartphones will connect to the 6.1-inch screen and be able to share phone calls, music, and apps. The system can even display the built-in navigation on your smartphone, negating the need for a separate satnav unit. The handset will be charged while connected to the car system, so you don't have to worry about quick battery drain.

While MirrorLink is designed to work with Android and Symbian, the XAV-601BT will only support Nokia's 701, 700, 603, N8, E7, C7, X7, C6-01 at launch. Sony say that the system will be updated to support more phones as time goes on, but it definitely limits the amount of devices that can take advantage of the system right now. Samsung and Sony have both indicated intent to support MirrorLink on future smartphones, so you'll just have to wait until the companies provide the feature. The XAV-601BT should be shipping now.