Sony WiFi sound bar passed through FCC, likely headed to CES

HiFi and wireless didn't really mix until Sonos came along to keep your various rooms uncluttered but still sounding great. There have been others who are jumping into the WiFi game, but none have the cache Sony does. In what seems to be a natural progression, Sony's latest sound bar has passed through the FCC, and details it's wireless prowess. It also pinches from Sonos' design, bringing the long bar with a mix of speaker material and plastic to your living room.

It's not the full compliment of sound equipment we've seen from others like LG, but it looks as though it will get the job done. The included manual details that the device will accept both wired and wireless playback, making it ideal for your TV as well as general music needs via your smartphone or tablet.

In addition to the sound bar, there's a subwoofer accompaniment. Sadly, we're not learning of any kind of additional speakers, so a simple home theater setup seems to be the goal this time around. Surround sound is noted, though we don't get much in the way of specifics otherwise.

We'd like to think this will make itself known officially at CES in January, but it's not clear at this point. Sony is one of the larger companies attending CES, and still relies on it for their product announcements (by and large), so we wouldn't be surprised if they had a room set up to showcase this one.

Thanks, Dave!

Source: FCC