Sony wants gamers to agree to new PSN TOS or be banned

It you are a gamer on the PS3 and you like to play online games you need to be on the lookout when you log in for a pop up that is trying to get you to agree to new PSN terms of service. Apparently, somewhere in the tiny print there is a message that you can opt out of the new terms of service by sending a letter to Sony. However, you apparently still have to agree to them or you will not be allowed to access the PSN for online play.

The new TOS apparently have wording in it to limit the suits that users can file against Sony in the event their data was among the information stolen in the massive PSN hack that happened a few months back. The new clause is "Binding Individual Arbitration" which is an agreement that the user will only sue individually and that Sony gets to choose the arbitrator. At the core of the new agreement, Sony is trying to limit class action suits.

The problem here is that people that don't agree in the next 30 days will be blocked from the service so in essence Sony is forcing the agreement. Another fly in the ointment or Sony is this. My son is 10; he told me this morning that something was on the screen when he turned on the PS3 so he just agreed to it so he could play. I didn't see what he was talking about, by money says it was the new TOS. I bet many people agreeing out there aren't old enough to be held to a binding legal agreement. Sony is working on beefing up its network security and has hired the former Department of Homeland Security head to help protect its network.

[via BBC]