Sony Walkman NWZ-X1000 complete with touchable AMOLED Display?

Lately we are hearing rumors of the new Sony Walkman NWZ-X1000, which reportedly features an OLED touchscreen display. The more we read about it the more we pictured images of an existing device, Apple's iPod Touch. More details after the jump.

For some reason companies like to cash in on the ideas of others by creating very similar products to those who have already proven their worth and value. Much like the iPod Touch the Walkman NWZ-X1000 features built-in Wi-Fi making this device capable of Internet browsing. One thing that they managed to do right is adding built-in noise cancelation that allows the accompanying 13.5mm EX headphones to block out ambient noise. This rumored device is said to come in a 16GB and 32GB just as the popular iPod Touch.

I may be ragging on this device pretty hard, but companies such as Sony should not be doing what has already been done, instead they need to be looking at new innovations in order to gain any lead at all.  Apple's iPod line is already very established and by default the masses will more than likely purchase something with "iPod" in the name over a Sony MP3 player. Whether or not Sony went and created the Walkman NWZ-X1000 is yet to be seen, but they will not be successful unless they are willing to drop the price of the Walkman line down to a level that will actually compete with the iPods.